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Rausch Property Management LLC


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Smart Solutions for Community Associations

Management and Consulting Customized to Fit Your Needs

Specializing in Leadership, Operational Management, and Conflict Resolution. We Create Thriving Friendly Communities, One at a Time.

Community Management For A New Era
With New Life, A New Look, and A New Attitude

Has your community lost it's youth? Does the clubhouse make people sad instead of want to throw a party? Is it impossible to get owners to cooperate with a Board's visions for change? 


Managing a friendly, successful community takes more than managing the lawn guy. A well maintained and cohesive community may start with lush green grass, but a great manager sees far beyond day to day maintenance to create a thriving community. 


An Association is first a corporation and must be approached like one to be truly successful.


Financial planning is a key determining factor to an organization's survival and is all too often overlooked, poorly planned or just plain underfunded. Lack of funding for any business will lead to a deteriorated state of affairs. For community associations it means building deterioration. This means no funds to cover necessary expenditures to keep units dry, trees safely trimmed, and property values high.


The second key component to a thriving community is resident satisfaction. With resident satisfaction, owners are more likely to get involved and support board initiatives. They will better understand and take ownership of the economic and business needs of THEIR community.  


A continual clear message along several consistent channels of communication is required to convey the vision of the board and bring about progress.

When it's Time for a Change, Let us Facilitate it For You With Full Service Property Management Or Consulting


Jonathan is a Licensed Community Association Manager with onsite and portfolio management experience. He owns and operates Cohesive CAM, leading a strong team of experienced managers throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties. 


Let's Team Up

Through the years Jonathan has successfully managed all aspects of condo and homeowner association management, working as a team alongside the Boards and Homeowners to affect positive change.


 In addition to the necessary operational and financial planning Jonathan has gained experience in all aspects of building maintenance and preservation. His close relations with skilled and knowledgeable vendors has allowed him to learn standards and recommendations of various trades. 


By applying core business principles and leadership abilities to HOA and Condo management, Jonathan continues to work hard to change the standard of association management.

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Association Satisfaction & Property Preservation
Consulting Services
  • Community Deterioration. Where to begin and where to go from there. From Budgeting to Bids

  • Capital Improvement and Major Restoration Project Management

  • Annual Meeting and Member Election. From Quorums to Elections Monitor.

  • Budget Planning and Cash Flow Management

  • Committee Development and Social Club Organization

  • Communication and Resident Satisfaction

  • Community Website Solutions, Board Email, Community Email Blasts, and Text Options

  • Office Reorganization and Structuring. Technology and Software upgrades.

Why Work with A Consultant

A consultant can provide you with specialized skills in a particular area of need. We offer specialized consulting in several areas of HOA and Condo management.


Consulting Expectations


  • Initial Meeting & Property Walk Through – We  will meet you onsite to understand your current challenges and needs and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

  • Proposal of Services - Following an initial session, we will prepare a proposal detailing your service options. If given the opportunity, we will work with you according to the agreed upon action plan, taking swift action so you can begin to see noticeable results.

  • From Observations to Action – Boards and Owners will be pleased to see how quickly we identify and resolve project tasks moving quickly toward project completion. Timely and consistent progression helps to mitigate any further damage and/or liability and that is our first priority.

  • Timeline and Reporting – Expectations and communication go hand in hand and are key components in a successful project. Prompt reporting of changes, progress and action items will maintain everyone's expectations.

  • Implementation and Ongoing Supervision – Support and oversight sustain implementations and drive progress year after year. Our consulting plans are created to develop self functioning Boards, teams, offices and communities that will continue to thrive. 

Our involvement is not necessary as time goes on, but many times communities will continue to consult with us as future projects and needs arise.


Consulting Services are offered on a per job or per term basis. Please contact us to learn how our team of experienced Licensed Community Association Managers can help take your Self Managed community to the next level.

"With happy residents and a healthy budget anything can be accomplished."

Jonathan D. Rausch

LCAM / Property Manager, President, 220 & 218 Insurance Agent, Realtor & FL Lic Real Estate Broker, Notary

Cell ph (561)584-0732

eFax (561)829-2055


Claire Collins, REALTOR®, LCAM

Broker ‖ Owner

Collins & Company Inc.

102 NE 2nd Street, #336

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Tel: 561.441.0507


Elisa H. Wade

LCAM / Property Manager, CFO, 215 Lic, 220 Insurance Agent, Realtor

Cell ph (561)891-2194

efax (561)829-2055


Jen L. Davis Rausch

LCAM / Property Manager

Cell ph (617)803-3815

eFax (561)829-2055


Malissa Hoopes

LCAM / Property Manager

Cell ph (561)843-7646

eFax (561)829-2055


John Gorman

LCAM / Property Manager, 220 Insurance Agent

Cell ph (954)610-6200

eFax (561)829-2055



Jon Rausch


Claire Collins

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